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2016 CDs Anohni, Ari Gold, Brand New Heavies, Jamie Woon, Rumer, Culture Club, & Jason Reeves

February 25, 2016


BriMix is excited about these seven 2016 album releases!
ANOHNI “Hopelessness” (Secretly Canadian) – This new upcoming, highly-desirable album from Antony Hegarty will be her first collection of EDM genre music.  I am a huge Antony & The Johnsons fan and discovered her through her heart-wrenching duet “You Are My Sister” with award-winning George O’Dowd.  I cant wait to add this CD to my collection.
ARI GOLD “GoldNation” (Gold18) – This new pop/funk album from Jewish model-turned-singer is excellent.  Unlike the other CDs in this article, this CD is already out and in my hands.  Songs (faves) like “Never Been A Friend Of Mine”, “Turn Out The Night”, and “Drop Dead Gorgeous” prove he can write quality pop tunes with the best of them.  See my review of this same album on Amazon.  I have the complete Ari CD collection on my shelf and this latest CD is a welcome addition.
BRAND NEW HEAVIES “tbd” (Ear Music) – I live for this UK funk group.  I just found out tonight that they have a new album coming out in 2016 as well as a USA mini-tour in Summer 2016.  I am most excited over this news.  I have already contacted various venues (WorkPlay, IronCity, AlyStephens) to encourage a local gig.  Hope to have both CD and concert ticket in hands by June!
JAMIE WOON “Making Time” (unknown) – I discovered Jamie Woon back in 2011 during a 5-second product placement in an episode of Basketball Wives (Evelyn and Chad OchoCinco were going on a date) and fell in love instantly with the featured song (“Shoulda”).  I sampled all songs on this new [sophomore] album and only fell in love with one, “Sharpness.”  So I purchased just this one song.  But I have wore this song out on my laptop and in my car.  Gorgeous song that picks up right where Jamie left off with his debut album.  Its a pity the other songs don’t connect with me.
RUMER “Love Is The Answer” (Atlantic) – Since I never connected with Adele, I was determined to find a new/current white, female, UK soul singer that spoke to me.  And the second I heard “Aretha” (2012) by Rumer, I was hooked.  So soulful and the production was tight!  I’m talking George Duke-tight!  I must get this new EP CD.  Rumer has covered four songs originally performed by Carole King, Hall & Oates, Todd Rundgren, and William Devaughn/Massive Attack.  I assume this EP CD is a precursor to a new full album in mid-2016.  I must have this EP!
CULTURE CLUB “Tribes” (More Protein/PledgeMusic/Different Man Music/Kobalt) – Like most albums, the release date of this much-anticipated album has been pushed forward a couple times.  This new disc of brand new material from George, Jon, Roy, and Mikey has millions of fans sitting on the edge of their seat.  I cannot wait to get this CD in my hands (and in my ears) and on my shelf.  The first single has already been released (“More Than Silence”) and I love that song.  Fans got to hear a second track off the album (“Different Man”) during a studio scene from a recent Culture Club documentary.  I need this new disc in my hands because I have worn out their previous album of new material, 1999’s “Don’t Mind If I Do”(Virgin).
JASON REEVES “Sketches Mixtape” (aBeautifulArmyOfTrees) – I am closing out this month’s article with my favorite acoustic guitar artist, Jason Reeves.  So young, so fresh, so kind, so talented.  I discovered Jason back in 2010 when he co-wrote “Terrified” with Kara Dioguardi for American Idol runner-up, Katharine McPhee.  He is the James Taylor of 2016.  If he was born back in the day, he would have written “Fire & Rain” and “You’ve Got A Friend.”  I’m telling you – he is that talented!  I have the complete JR CD collection and I cant wait to get this new album in my hands.  I don’t know what the album title means.  Hopefully the album songs and lyrics will reveal its meaning.  Two singles have just been released – “Stained Glass” and “Habits” – and I like both very much.  Jason branched off recently with a duo called High Dive Heart (with wife Nelly Joy) and I didn’t connect with the music (tho I desperately wanted to).  I’m relieved to hear he is continuing his solo career with his winning formula of beautiful, stripped down, bare to the bones voice and acoustic guitar combo.  Come on release date!  (And don’t you just love the name of his label?)…………………BriMix | February 2016