NEW Tunde Baiyewu 2016 CD Acoustic Sessions

June 5, 2016

raincloudJune 2016 | Hello BRIMIX followers.  Exciting news.  Rumors surfaced in the last twelve months about a new Tunde CD of 70s covers.  Well, it looks like the album is materializing.  Two new Tunde tracks have surfaced:  “Summer Breeze” (Seals & Croft cover) and “I Saw The Light” (Todd Rundgren cover) via YouTube and Vimeo.  I want this new album to happen and happen asap.  Sebastian Rogers looks to be the likely producer.  That’s good news as well!  Reach out to me if you have comments/questions.  Cheers!  BRIMIX

2016 CDs Anohni, Ari Gold, Brand New Heavies, Jamie Woon, Rumer, Culture Club, & Jason Reeves

February 25, 2016


BriMix is excited about these seven 2016 album releases!
ANOHNI “Hopelessness” (Secretly Canadian) – This new upcoming, highly-desirable album from Antony Hegarty will be her first collection of EDM genre music.  I am a huge Antony & The Johnsons fan and discovered her through her heart-wrenching duet “You Are My Sister” with award-winning George O’Dowd.  I cant wait to add this CD to my collection.
ARI GOLD “GoldNation” (Gold18) – This new pop/funk album from Jewish model-turned-singer is excellent.  Unlike the other CDs in this article, this CD is already out and in my hands.  Songs (faves) like “Never Been A Friend Of Mine”, “Turn Out The Night”, and “Drop Dead Gorgeous” prove he can write quality pop tunes with the best of them.  See my review of this same album on Amazon.  I have the complete Ari CD collection on my shelf and this latest CD is a welcome addition.
BRAND NEW HEAVIES “tbd” (Ear Music) – I live for this UK funk group.  I just found out tonight that they have a new album coming out in 2016 as well as a USA mini-tour in Summer 2016.  I am most excited over this news.  I have already contacted various venues (WorkPlay, IronCity, AlyStephens) to encourage a local gig.  Hope to have both CD and concert ticket in hands by June!
JAMIE WOON “Making Time” (unknown) – I discovered Jamie Woon back in 2011 during a 5-second product placement in an episode of Basketball Wives (Evelyn and Chad OchoCinco were going on a date) and fell in love instantly with the featured song (“Shoulda”).  I sampled all songs on this new [sophomore] album and only fell in love with one, “Sharpness.”  So I purchased just this one song.  But I have wore this song out on my laptop and in my car.  Gorgeous song that picks up right where Jamie left off with his debut album.  Its a pity the other songs don’t connect with me.
RUMER “Love Is The Answer” (Atlantic) – Since I never connected with Adele, I was determined to find a new/current white, female, UK soul singer that spoke to me.  And the second I heard “Aretha” (2012) by Rumer, I was hooked.  So soulful and the production was tight!  I’m talking George Duke-tight!  I must get this new EP CD.  Rumer has covered four songs originally performed by Carole King, Hall & Oates, Todd Rundgren, and William Devaughn/Massive Attack.  I assume this EP CD is a precursor to a new full album in mid-2016.  I must have this EP!
CULTURE CLUB “Tribes” (More Protein/PledgeMusic/Different Man Music/Kobalt) – Like most albums, the release date of this much-anticipated album has been pushed forward a couple times.  This new disc of brand new material from George, Jon, Roy, and Mikey has millions of fans sitting on the edge of their seat.  I cannot wait to get this CD in my hands (and in my ears) and on my shelf.  The first single has already been released (“More Than Silence”) and I love that song.  Fans got to hear a second track off the album (“Different Man”) during a studio scene from a recent Culture Club documentary.  I need this new disc in my hands because I have worn out their previous album of new material, 1999’s “Don’t Mind If I Do”(Virgin).
JASON REEVES “Sketches Mixtape” (aBeautifulArmyOfTrees) – I am closing out this month’s article with my favorite acoustic guitar artist, Jason Reeves.  So young, so fresh, so kind, so talented.  I discovered Jason back in 2010 when he co-wrote “Terrified” with Kara Dioguardi for American Idol runner-up, Katharine McPhee.  He is the James Taylor of 2016.  If he was born back in the day, he would have written “Fire & Rain” and “You’ve Got A Friend.”  I’m telling you – he is that talented!  I have the complete JR CD collection and I cant wait to get this new album in my hands.  I don’t know what the album title means.  Hopefully the album songs and lyrics will reveal its meaning.  Two singles have just been released – “Stained Glass” and “Habits” – and I like both very much.  Jason branched off recently with a duo called High Dive Heart (with wife Nelly Joy) and I didn’t connect with the music (tho I desperately wanted to).  I’m relieved to hear he is continuing his solo career with his winning formula of beautiful, stripped down, bare to the bones voice and acoustic guitar combo.  Come on release date!  (And don’t you just love the name of his label?)…………………BriMix | February 2016

2015 CDs Antony & The Johnsons, Culture Club, Jimmy Somerville, Roisin Murphy, & Sam Sparro

February 25, 2015


February 2015
Hello BriMix fans.  It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  There are five 2015 CD releases that I am most excited about.  Antony Hegarty just announced a new album called Hopelessness and the genre is electronic (or ‘plastic’ as he calls it).  Culture Club has reunited and will be releasing a new album titled Tribes while taking full advantage of the momentum of Boy George’s recent successful solo album This Is What I Do.  Jimmy Somerville (ex-Bronski Beat) is releasing a new album called Homage and the genre is 70s disco which is my favorite style!  Jimmy’s disco-ish Home Again album knocked my socks off!  Roisin Murphy (who I discovered thru Detox) is releasing a new album called Hairless Toys.  I hope she continues that pop-funk feel of her hit Let Me Know.  Sam Sparro (who I discovered thru A Lambert) is releasing a new album called Rock The Boat.  I hope he continues that pop-funk sound of his hits We Could Fly and Wish I Never Met You.  -BriMix

Gary Barlow | Tina Arena | JHJ 2013

November 6, 2013


I am so excited.  I just found out about 3 new 2013 UK CDs:
    Gary Barlow – Since I Saw You Last (Polydor UK) 2013
    Tina Arena – Reset (EMI Australia) 2013
    Johnny Hates Jazz – Magnetized (AIS UK) 2013
My pre-orders are in!  BriMix|Nov2013

Boy George | Gabrielle | Lisa 2013

September 14, 2013

The Holy Trinity | Three NEW CDs come out in Fall 2013 and I am so excited.  This Is What I Do by Boy George (Label: Very Me), Now and Always by Gabrielle Bobb (Label: Island), and Seven by Lisa Stansfield (Label: Monkeynatra).  British soul at it’s best!  Discs will be hitting the streets in Oct/Nov.  I got to get my pre-orders in at Amazon!  Its gonna be a good year…   BRIMIX

Brand New Heavies Forward 2013 CD HeavyTone/Shanachie

April 19, 2013

bnh Phat news for April 2013.  The Brand New Heavies have a brand new studio album (FORWARD) out on May 21, 2013 on the Heavy Tone / Shanachie label.  The first single is SUNLIGHT and its a slice of slick summer house music.  The funk, melody, and N’Dea’s gorge voice are back and in (usual) fine form.  I am so excited.  I remember the first LP and how in love I was with Never Stop, Stay This Way, and Dream Come True.  Thank u BNH for giving us some (much needed) quality music in 2013.  BRI.MIX April 2013

Tunde “Diamond” [single] release (Waking Dreams LLP) April 2013

March 28, 2013

MARCH 2013 | MESSAGE FROM TUNDE:  Hi everyone, What a great few months of 2013 it’s been! The new album released in the UK, support from the wonderful people at Radio 2 and on TV too. Looking forward I’ve lots to tell you.  Firstly an apology to those who pre-ordered the Deluxe Boxset of Diamond In A Rock from my website. We had to cancel these at the last minute and here’s why: myself and the production team worked really hard to put together some special bonus features for the box set, unfortunately not everything was ready in time for release. So, rather than dilute what you were getting we decided to cancel and look to release more of the bonus content later.  And that’s exactly what we’re doing.  I’m truly excited to announce my next single from the album will be the title track “Diamond In A Rock” – available in early April on iTunes as a 4 track EP. Featuring the single and never before released tracks:
– Diamond In A Rock (Radio Edit)
– Home
– Tomorrow’s News
– Speaking Voice
I’ve also got a behind the scenes documentary of making the album and written a full biographical dissection track-by-track with my good friend and producer Sebastian Rogers. You’ll see footage from the documentary online very soon, make sure you’re following on the links above to hear the news, for now here’s a peek at myself and Sebastian breaking down Diamond In A Rock, only for you
Click [here] for your exclusive content – use the password “thisisasecret” to access.  I want to thank you all for your wonderful support so far and if you’re outside the UK I’ve not forgotten you! You can look forward to Diamond In A Rock being available elsewhere in the world very soon, more news on that very soon but don’t forget you can order the CD from and have it shipped worldwide in the meantime.  -Tunde

Kenny Thomas The Brown Affair (Solus) 2013 CD

February 8, 2013

I am excited about the forthcoming album The Thomas Brown Affair , a collaboration between double platinum selling UK singer Kenny Thomas, and hit songwriter, producer and  Jazz pianist Wayne Brown.  The album is a collection of some of their favorite classic songs performed in their own personal and unique style.

Includes songs:  “Georgia On My Mind”, “What You Wont Do For Love”, “How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You”

Label: Solus 2013 | BriMix 2.8.2013

Tunde Baiyewu Diamond In A Rock CD 2013 (RCA)

January 15, 2013

Tunde Baiyewu
has announced details of a brand new solo album, Diamond In A Rock, for March 4. The Lighthouse Family frontman – who has achieved in excess of 20 million global sales – also releases a new single, ‘Move’, on March 4; Tunde’s first new material in over eight years.

A more soulful, personal and eclectic offering than his prior work, Diamond In A Rock suggests that there is more than may have initially met the eye with Tunde Baiyewu. He was born in the UK to Nigerian parents, but returned to Nigeria aged 4, following the death of his father. Tunde was immediately faced with the challenge of a new language (learning Yoruba would later heavily impact his singing style), and a new way of life; from the streets of London to the starkly rural school at Etiki, with the daily responsibility of collecting water from the stream to wash school-clothes. The lack of a father-figure saw Tunde become “withdrawn, introspective” and that pensiveness can still be felt in his writing today. “There’s a need for me to withdraw into my own space,” as he puts it.

Work on Diamond In A Rock started a couple of years back with the Lighthouse Family now signed to Sony Records following a hugely successful UK tour.  Tunde had written a number of songs for the band’s new album, but while trying to put the pieces together in a major label atmosphere, he was reminded of the creative tensions and compromises of being in the band and decided any new material couldn’t be fully realised if he didn’t have control of the process.  Instead, Tunde walked away from the group and went back to his roots, assimilating a lifelong love of the likes of Bill Withers with a mix of African and Western rhythms and textures.

The record was recorded in Portland (or “the new Nashville” as Tunde’s producer sold it), featuring an array of local artists: the critically acclaimed Catherine Feeny provides backing vocals to several tracks, with musical turns also coming from the likes of guitarist Jon Neufeld (from The Decemberists’ off-shoot Black Prairie). Tunde’s effortlessly soulful voice shines throughout – still as immediately recognisable now as it was in the heyday of The Lighthouse Family. Lyrically, the impact of marriage and children has mellowed his songwriting, quite literally transforming the vitriolic ‘Words In My Mouth’ (it referred to the tensions that ended the band) into something more reflective and loving.

Now that Tunde is free from the constraints of a group, he has admittedly come into his own. Yet despite the staggering success of The Lighthouse Family, Tunde stumbled into music almost entirely by accident. He left Nigeria for the UK at 19, hoping to study at university. As a young, eager immigrant, Tunde took whatever job he could find, cleaning offices and then working within the same bank that refused to open him an account (England’s government had accepted this African, but not everyone had read the memo). Friends forced Tunde into expressing his voice and sent recordings to a local radio station, as well as some recording labels, without him knowing.

Tunde Baiyewu’s distinctive voice comes from this rich, complex past, and on Diamond In A Rock, he finally begins to use it in the way you sense he’s always wanted to. “Now is when I need to really truly say what I want to say, the way I want to say it, as best as I can.”

Songs: Move, Blissful in no time, Diamond in a rock, Effigy, Awake, Turn the music on, Fear and fortune, Words in my mouth, The answer, We’re all in this together

Label: Waking Dreams LLP / RCA


Lisa Stansfield Seven CD 2013 Spring (Arista)

November 20, 2012

On June 2012, Lisa told the UK newspaper, The Sunday Mirror that she’s working on her seventh studio album, her first in nine years, and that it is going to be released in spring 2013. Lisa announced in November 2012 that the album will be titled ‘Seven’.  I am so excited.  I have been a LS fan since day one!  -BriMix (Nov 2012)